Add Error Message Font Color to Color Pallet

When the background of the contact form is red, it’s either hard to see or impossible to see the red text of the error message that pops under the field. One way this happens is when a required field is left blank.

Please add this element to the color pallet so that it is editable. Thanks!

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Hi @Rob-S :wave:

I agree that this setting would make the customization process much easier. We’ll strive to include it into our future updates!

As for now, you can use this CSS code:

[class^="FormLayout__Error"],[class^="FormFieldLayout__Error"] {
  color: rgb(143,0,255);
[class^='FormFieldLayout__Container-sc-']:has([class^='FormFieldLayout__Error-sc-']) [class^='TextControlBase__TextControlBaseContainer'] {
  border-color: rgb(143,0,255)!important;

Check it out and let me know how it worked :slightly_smiling_face: