Add Doordash, UberEats and Grubhub reviews

There are sometimes hundreds if not thousands of reviews for companies on these platforms for restaurants but since these delivery services have branched off into delivering for florists, pharmacies, grocery stores and more we should be able to put these as a highlight on the all in one platform as well.


I had over 9,000 confirmed deliveries with many personal reviews left by customers over the years. One day I woke up to find a simple message letting me know I had been deactivated… no legitimate reason not to mention I now have no way of accessing those reviews.

If you guys could figure out how to do this so we can display our hard earned reviews it would be such an amazing addition. I don’t think anyone has successfully created a means to humanely portray the hard working drivers that have become a norm of the present working class.

This would be huge.

Great suggestion and thank you guys for the amazing app!

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Hi @John67 :wave:

Glad to see you here again!

We will do our best to consider your idea too, however, I cannot promise that we will release it very soon. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a million for sharing your thoughts with us!

Hi @Ringo :wave:

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite understand your use case. Could you please specify what reviews you mean and where you’ve been deactivated?

@Max need this big time please :pray:

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Hey @Michael_Schiano :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback!

We’ll try our best to consider these sources in the future. I’ll make sure to update you here in case of any news :slightly_smiling_face:

As a workaround, you can use a Custom Source option and add the needed reviews manually. Feel free to check it out:

This is a great current solution for clients but long term having those sync would be amazing

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Agree with your point! If this request gets more votes, we’ll try to speed up the implementation of the automatic collection for these sources :slightly_smiling_face: