Ability to hide the all feature, AND show the first group only

Sometimes showing the whole team doesn’t make sense because they are distinct groups. It would be great to hide the all button (which you can do with CSS), but also only display the first group (which you cannot do right now)

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The feature has been released! :tada:

If this tab is hidden, the first group will be displayed by default. In case a team member isn’t added to any group, they will be displayed in Ungrouped section that gets created automatically.

This is how you will find an option to hide “All” section:

  1. Go to Content tab of your widget
  2. Find Filters in Groups settings
  3. Switch on or switch off Show All Tab option

Check this widget in full in our Team Showcase online demo (Team Members - Add Team Showcase plugin to your Website (2022)) !

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding this functionality in comments below! :blush: