Ability for the Popup to generate unique referral code

Ability for the Popup to generate unique referral code

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Folks, who are interested in this request, could you please share more detail on what exactly you’d love to achieve?

Your use case details and your elaboration on the referral code you’d want to generate would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi friends! We see that you’ve voted for the idea for the Popup widget to “generate unique referral code”.

It would be really cool if you could describe your use cases and share what exactly you’d love our widget to do. It would really help us understand your idea better and think about its destiny :blush:

Thank you in advance!

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We want the coupon code to be personalized to each different client that accesses the code. What we are hoping for is customer 1 receives code “B24JK99” and customer 2 receives their own unique code “A99GFA7.” These codes would need to be somehow linked to the BigCommerce account page which may be difficult to do from the widget end. If that is impossible to accomplish, an amazing alternative would be… Having the discount code randomly populate with 1/20 different options. This allows us to activate 20 unique codes via our BigCommerce account but each time the code is accessed on the pop up, it randomly selects 1 of the 20 options to at least give the impression of providing a unique code to our clients. Hope this helps!


That is super helpful, many thanks, @Ryan_Cutshall! Just to sum up:

  • an option to add several coupon codes to the widget

  • the widget chooses one randomly and shows it to a client

  • ideally, an option to set an integration to the desired platform (BigCommerce in your case) so that the coupon generation process is automatic

Great! Everyone else, feel free to either confirm these ideas or add your own thoughts :slight_smile:

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