Yes, Elfsight widgets for free

Hey elfsight Community, Sorry to say but after seeing your things i have seen a website bug on that, From which people can use your services for free for a lifetime. You should to correct and take care of this. Becouse from this people don’t buy your services amd use it for free.

Himanshu Aleriya

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Hello @Himanshu, hello @Helga, hello @Andrei, hello everyone,

No please don’t change anything. It is important to have free stuff.

Stay as you are. Your economic model is sufficient and appreciable and that must not change. This is your strength.

Long live Elfsight.

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Hi folks!

@Himanshu could you please elaborate a bit on what you mean by a free usage? Is it our free Lite plan, or you mean some kind of a loophole in the system?

@Helga No no, i am not talking about the lite plan. I am saying that there is a bug in your system by which people can not pay a single penny for the plans. Becouse from that people can use your services for free of cost. You should to take care for that. For better explanation please connect my conversation with your developer team.

Hello @Himanshu,

The only limit there is with the Lite plan is the number of views at 200 and the possibility of creating only one widget from one application and on one website only.

@romano97002 Yes, I know all about that and all of your plans. But i was saying that, there is an way buy which your all plans our waste. And this is personal things that I don’t want to share this as publicly. If i share this, than people can know how to use it free. Sorry for this. But i like your Elfsight and elfsight team and there work so i can not share this as publicly that what is an bug.

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