Where is the Shop Widget?

I just got a subscription thinking the Shop Widget will be added and i cant find it, if not please advise so that I can cancel my subscription

@user548 Hello, Right now the shop widget is not available. And it was on coming soon section. It means soon it was available on there website and you can use it. But right now the shop widget is not available. You can check there all coming soon widgets on there elfsight website footer section.


Hello @user548 and welcome to Elfsight Community :smiling_face:!

@Himanshu is absolutely right! Shop app isn’t released, but we do have it in our Coming Soon section, you’re welcome to check it out here - https://elfsight.com/shop-widget/.

If you have any ideas that you’d like to be implemented in this widget, please do not hesitate to share all your ideas in this thread. We’ll be delighted to consider all of them and create the most suitable widget :wink:.

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