Welcoming our new Customer Support Agent! 👋🏻

Happy Thursday, Elfsighters!

It’s amazing to see that you’re finding our forum a great space to get help and ask your questions :slightly_smiling_face:

We know how pivotal it is to get a speedy assistance, and I’m so pumped to introduce our super-experienced Support Agent @Slava to you!

Slava is going to take care of any questions, concerns, or difficulties that might get in your way, so you’re surely in the right hands :wink:

Let’s welcome Slava here and wish him many awesome cases to deal with! :rocket:


Hello, beautiful humans!

This is Slava from Elfsight Customer Support speaking :nerd_face:

I’m so excited to be a part of this fast-growing, welcoming and friendly community!

Feel free to ask any questions about our products or your specific use-cases, and I’ll make sure to address them in the shortest time possible.

Have a great one! :slightly_smiling_face: