Video widget and Instagram Feed not WCAG accessible

We love your Youtube video widget and depend on it for our video training page. We just got the sad news from the WCAG compliance team we hired that it is not WCAG compliant. Since ecommerce stores are being sued right and left for non-compliance issues, that means we will need to remove it unless Elfsight can fix it. This is what the WCAG team said: “Clicking a video prompts a popup without shifting the focus.” I don’t know if there is more. What that means is when it opens a window it does not let the screenreader know it’s opening another window.

There should also be a way for them to close the window that a screen reader can read.

I hope Elfsight will fix this ASAP. We really depend on this widget. It will be sad to lose it.

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We use some of your widgets on our site and they add so much to the visitor experience. We are currently going through a WCAG compliance review in order to avoid a lawsuit like thousands of others are. Sadly, we will need to remove both the Instagram and Youtube widgets. Please fix these issues. The problem is not going to get better. WCAG compliance is becoming essential.


Hi @Kelli and welcome to Community :wave:

I’ve talked to our devs and they’ll be more than happy to investigate the issue.

Now, there’s no need to reach out to our Support Team, as Helga suggested in her response; I’ll handle your request :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the issue with YouTube Gallery. Could you just specify what WCAG team said regarding our Instagram Feed widget?