Threads App

New app that will take Twitter down! This will be needed soon from many as it is easier to engage that twitter.


Great idea, @Monica_Couttolenc!

I’ll let our dev team know that we already have a request for the Threads app! :slight_smile:

any update on when this will be complete?

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Welcome to Community @Douglas1 :wave:

Much as I’d love to share an update, we haven’t got any news yet. Unfortunately, this is not a priority task for now. However, if this idea gets more votes, we’ll try to speed up the process.

Your feedback is much appreciated, thank you for sharing it with us!

We’re dying to have a second provider of a Threads feed on our website. Right now, the only company that I’ve found that has one is Common Ninja, and it has been HORRIBLE. We’ve been using it for a few months now and the Threads feed refuses to update, any deleted threads still show up on the website. It’s been a major pain. We use it to update our 8 golf course course conditions by having the pros login and post their update which then goes to the website, but when you can’t count on the extension to work, there’s no point in having it.

Elfsight has the opportunity to be the second, FAR better option if they’d just put it together. We would switch over on literally day 1.


Hi there @user9004 :wave:

Happy to see you on our Forum, I hope you’ll find this space useful!

I totally understand your point and agree that the Threads app would be a perfect addition to our apps catalog. We’ll try to consider this opportunity in our future enhancements. I’ll make sure to update you here once I have any news :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for such a detailed description of your use case, it’s much appreciated!