Service - Top Notch

We purchased the Pro Pack, and could not be happier. The widgets (all that we have used so far) are easy to set up, configure and style as needed. Additionally, we had a different person working on the website and they added the Amazon reviews widget. As the widget was about to expire, we got a notification from Elfsight. Our reply was that we had the Pro Pack, so the widget should not expire. Elfsight checked and offered a solution that was perfect. Most customer service teams would have simply acknowledged the issue and left it to us to suggest something or force a phone call. Elfsight - nope. They proactively came up with a perfect solution and implemented it right away.

Awesome stuff.

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Hi @Chris3, what an awesome post, thank you soo much!! :heart_eyes:

We’re ecstatic that you’re loving our service, and that everything works as expected.

I wish you just a great user experience, and we’re always here for you should any questions or difficulties come up :slight_smile:

Oh, and welcome to the community!