Resume Builder

Hello Elfsight Team,
I would like to request a new feature for your platform - a resume generator tool that allows users to easily create professional resumes that can be exported as PDF files.
The resume generator should have an intuitive interface where users can input their personal information, work experience, education details, skills, and any other relevant sections. It would be great if there were pre-built templates with modern and visually appealing designs that users can choose from and customize.
Some key features the resume generator should include:

Ability to add multiple work experiences with fields for company name, job title, start/end dates, and job responsibilities
Option to add education details like school name, degree, field of study, and graduation date
Skills section to list out technical and soft skills
Additional sections for languages, certifications, awards, interests etc.
Live preview to see how the resume will look
Simple editing options to change fonts, colors, formatting etc.
PDF export to download a print-ready version of the resume

This would be an extremely useful tool for your users who are job seekers or looking to update their resumes. Having a professional resume is crucial in the job application process.
I’m happy to provide more details or examples if needed. Let me know if you need any other information from me regarding this feature request.
Thank you for your consideration!


Hi @Anri :wave:

A huge thank you for such a detailed description of your case!

I cannot promise that such an app will be released. However, if it gets more votes, we’ll try to take it under consideration in the future :slightly_smiling_face: