Rating list of something

I would like to invite you to think about creating a “Rating List” widget.

Sometimes we need to create a rating list of something. It could be a rating of stores, films, teams, etc. And it would be interesting to have wide options for setting criteria for distributing places on the list

For example, I want to create a team rating. Each team has different statuses in different criteria. And by combining all this data, an overall rating of teams can be compiled. According to the settings, this widget can be correlated with the widget “Event calendar”

Visual example 1 (But I would like to do it more beautifully and with effects):

Visual example 2 (But I would like to do more criteria/statuses):

I am ready to participate in the creation of this widget

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Hi @Tender_S :wave:

Great idea! I am not sure if we are able to release such a use case in the near future. However, if this request is going to gain ground, we’ll try to think it over :wink:

Thank you so much for your help and engagement. It’s highly appreciated!

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