Popup Plugin is not showing Form block

Hi, I donwload the popup plugin from Envato Elements and when I install the plugin I notice that the form block is missing, I need to setup a survey and can’t find anywhere the form option

Hi Enrique!

I’m really sorry about this inconvenience, however, our standalone Popup plugin doesn’t include the Form element. My sincere apologies for such a nuisance!

But our cloud Popup app does support this element, and I’m happy to say that our cloud apps work on any CMS, including WordPress. You can check things here: Popup - Add responsive Popup widget to your website (free and fast)

I hope it helps!

Hi Helga,

Thanks for the response but my feeling is that you are falsely advertising a feature that is not available on the standalone plugin over Envato and is exclusively on the cloud version, I was planning to buy the plugin because I love being available to add a poll on my website but anymore.

My recommendation is to remove the feature on the demo or explain that is not available and is a missleading option that is not included.


Hi Enrique,

I totally understand your feelings, and I am deeply sorry about this situation. I’ve passed this over to our Product Team so that they take care of the plugin’s advertisement. I agree that such discrepancy might be a great frustration, and we’ll try to update the description.

If there’s anything else I could help you with, please do let me know.

Hi Helga,

Thanks for the response and no, that was my only question
Have a good one


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