Pdf embed for pdf.epub

Is it possible to embed pdf.epub files (interactive pdf files)?Please help.

I’m afraid pdf.epub is not supported at the moment, I’m very sorry!

But you’re welcome to request it in our Wishlist, it’ll be a great help :slight_smile:

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Ditto on ePub. Would like to display it on the website, too, even the sliders. Please make it available.

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Hi @J.E_BURTON1 :wave:

Could you please share an example of what you mean?

epubs can’t upload here. But i can send it to your email address.

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@J.E_BURTON1 thank you!

I got your idea with the epubs, but I didn’t quite understand what Ditto is. Is it just a name of the book or maybe an author? Please elaborate on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ditto means same.

Would you send me 3 more photo widgets, please?



Oops, my bad! To be honest, firstly I thought about the Pokémon named “Ditto”, but now I totally get what you mean :grinning:

Thank you for adding a new word to my vocabulary!

As for the Photo Gallery widgets, if I got you right, you’d like to expand your widget limit. In this case, I’d recommend you to contact our Support Team at https://help.elfsight.com/?contact=1. They’ll be happy to help!