Obtaining Survey question answers

I was wondering if there is a way to set up a survey so the button on each question acts as a submit button, but the survey doesn’t end. In other words our survey has 4 questions and we want to receive the answer to each question as the customer fills out the survey, rather than all together at the end. Is there a way to do this without ending the survey?

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Greetings @John_Valentine :wave:

I see your point, but, unfortunately, there is no option to customize the widget this way at the moment. I am so sorry!

Hope the devs will find a solution in the future, and I’ll make sure to update you here once I have any news.

Thank you so much for adding your idea and welcome to the Community :wink:

Hey I actually resolved it. So you make each survey question its own survey. Then you make a drop down menu on squarespace and put each separate question on a separate drop-down. The submit button links to the next question on the next dropdown so people don’t have to manually click to the next question through the site nav. You get notified when people answer each question without the survey ending.

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Great! Thanks for sharing your workaround with us :+1:

If any questions come up or any assistance is needed, we are always here for you :slightly_smiling_face: