More Event Calendar Options

I would like to see an end date for any repeat events. For example, I want to add an event for three months only.

Even the option to repeat on the 1st (or any other day) of the month.

Will this ever be able to happen, do you thinK? It seemed for a while there that it was “coming soon,” but not yet…or maybe it IS available, but I can’t figure out how to use it?

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Hi Shaler and welcome to the forum!

I totally understand your reason, and I’m truly sorry that this option is yet to be released :frowning:

As you might know, we do have such a feature request in our wishlist at More flexible event repeat options | Feature Wishlist, and you’re welcome to vote for it and elaborate on your use case there. We’ll be very happy to consider your ideas!

We do have plans to release a major update for our Event Calendar widget, as we see how many people found it useful. Likewise, we do have this task in our pipeline, but I’m afraid it’s tough to set an ETA at the moment due to our developers’ extremely heavy workload.

But what I can say is that we’re doing everything possible to get back to updating the Event Calendar as soon as we can :pray:t2: