Load More Events button

Would love the ability to choose to show 4 events but then a button at the bottom to “Load More Events”, which would load 4 more, etc.

Similar to the Twitter app (Load More Tweets button)

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It MUST have a “view all” or “view more” buttom. We have many events coming un we can’t show all of them

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Definitely a great suggestion!
I would love that as well, especially because there is a “load more” text.


Thanks a lot for your input, @Val!

We’ll try to consider this request in one of the future updates :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help and welcome to the community!

Is there a posibility to have the “Lod more” Button although on the grid design?

I don`t want to reduce the mouth that will be shown to much. But right now it seems, that the loading of the calender takes really long before it will be displayed and i would like to use the grid for the standard calender.

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@Dirk73 Unfortunately, there is no option to add Load More button to the Grid layout. I am really sorry!

We already have a similar request in the Wishlist. I’ve moved your idea to the dedicated topic where we’ll post all the updates.

A huge thank you for sharing your feedback with us :slightly_smiling_face: