LINKED IN reccommendations

Hi a widget for linkedIN recommendations would be amazing

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@Alex5 thank you for your suggestion!

We have LinkedIN Feed app request, you can have a look here: LinkedIn Feed - Request

Is it something you’re looking for, or do you need a separate app from LinkedIn Feed?

one for your recommendations (reviews) would be good

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Oh I see, thank you for the example!

I hope this request will get a lot of votes, and our devs will give it a go :slight_smile:

Still REALLY want this for one of our clients.

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I know, Hugh, and it’s a big frustration that we haven’t been able to release it yet :pensive:

We haven’t found a solution for one very important technical issue, and this is the main nuisance we’re experiencing now.

I do hope we will find a solution, as we realize how much desired this very app is :pray:t2: