Leave message to a website owner

Can’t contact an admin or owner? with the (Hopefully) soon-to-be “Message request” feature! with this feature, you can enter details such as phone number, email, name, and message. Once the admin receives this message, with the details described, they can reply to the sender clipping the answer and/or question to the sender

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@Starred I guess our Form Builder or Contact Form apps should meet your case.

Here you can set all the fields you need (phone number, email, name, message):

Once your website visitors fill in these fields and submit the form, you’ll receive a submission to your email address with all the details.

Please check the widget and let me know if they work for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Perfect! This is amazing to page viewers with questions unanswered!

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Happy to hear that our Forms work for your case!

If any further questions come up, we are here to help :wink:

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