Knowledgebase Widget Request

I would like a knowedgebase widget to manage a library of webpages, images, and documents, and any combination thereof that can be organized by topics or categories which can be nested beneath one another. In my use case this will be to store technical information on a variety of topics related to a model of classic sportscar. Example categories may be…

  • Paint
  • Trim
  • Care


  • Specs
  • Maintenance
  • Rebuilding


  • Alignment
  • Shocks
  • Upgrades

A ‘windows explorer’ tree-navigation structure or folder list on the left-nav of the page for the knowledgebase would be idea, but not to replace the parent website navigation structure.

A couple of examples follow:

Echo offers some nice Knowledgebase (KB) plugins for WordPress
The main KP page has a grid layout of categories, then going to any of the categories provides the left-navigation structure of the KB on the left as in this example:

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@Garth66 a huge thank you for all the details you have provided to describe your idea!

I see your point, but I must say that such a widget sounds like a very complex one, thus I again cannot promise that we will be able to develop something that intricate in the near future :frowning:

But anyways it’s awesome to learn your use cases and needs, so your comments, suggestions, and feedback is super important for us.

Thanks a lot for helping us, it does help us grow and move in the right direction!