Java script error in logoShowcase.js

This error in occurs when the page rerenders in a server side blazor website


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Hey there @Olivier-De-Neef :wave:

Could you please share a link to the page where your widget is installed?

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Thank you!

I’ve checked your website and don’t see any errors in console:

Could you please double-check it and let me know if it’s fine now?

If the issue still persists, please specify the device and the version of your browser.


The issue only occurs when the page rerenders

  1. Click link (Homepage)
  2. Click in the top menu “Feestjes” → this rerenders the page
  3. Error should occur
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I’ve tried to open Feestjes and the error hasn’t occured.

Could you please try to check your website in incognito mode and another browsers? Please let me know if the issue still persists.