Iframe with buttons

I am hoping there can be some sort of iframe type of app. Something to literally frame (like a painting) a webpage which I do not have access to the code of, where I can have buttons and text around it to provide a narrative and links to pages on that website.

I have many uses of this but an example is having a set of books for sale on Lulu.com and they must purchase from there but I want them to have easy access to each of the books with simple buttons below, which simply change the page in the frame.

I am sure this could convert to a simple banner on mobile.
Thank You.

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Cool suggestion @Rev_Devan :+1:

I am not sure if we are able to release such a use case in the near future, but we’ll try to consider it in our updates.

Thank you for adding your idea to our Wishlist! Your feedback is the key to our progress :slightly_smiling_face: