๐Ÿš€ Form Builder: Major Update

Hello friends!

Recently, weโ€™ve released a huge update for our Form Builder and transferred it to the new editor.

Letโ€™s see what changes have been introduced!

New options

  • New Configurator Design
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Light & Dark color schemes
  • Detailed customization of styles, colors, fonts for each form element
  • A huge number of bugs are fixed
  • New approach to URL prefill parameters
  • Localization for Error Messages (Settings tab)

Excluded options

  • Recaptcha
  • Divider element

We do believe the updated widget works fine for you, and new options will help you fulfil even more great projects!

What do you think about the changes?

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Iโ€™m liking already with several forms Iโ€™ve created.

reCAPTCHA - do you plan to integrate back into the form builder and if yes, when?



Hi @user542, thanks for your kind words, great to know that youโ€™re happy with the widget!

We did remove reCAPTCHA for now, but I cannot set an ETA for this option to come back, my apologies :frowning: I know that the devs are considering returning it back, but the timeline is unclear, unfortunately.

We have this request in our wishlist, by the way, so feel free to vote for it: Add reCaptcha | Feature Wishlist. If it gets a lot of votes, it might speed up the implementation process :slight_smile:

Someone mentioned this as a problem 15 days ago! Hopefully it gets fixed!
Here is the post: Meet a new category: Changelog! - #2 by GJ_Shegz

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