Follower/View counters on Instagram and TikTok

I would love a social media counter :smiley: I know others are looking for this as well. This is definitely something that I think many would appreciate - Including myself.
Follower/View counters on Instagram and TikTok would be a really really cool app to add!

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Hi @Julie2, thanks a lot for sharing your idea with us!

Do you maybe have any examples of such an app so that we can have a bigger picture of your request? Weโ€™ll be really happy to hear your thoughts on how such an app should look and work! :slight_smile:

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Hi, an example could be: MrBeast (@mrbeast) Realtime TikTok Live Follower Counter ๐Ÿ”ฅ โ€”

Here there is a live update on the followers that a given profile has. It looks good, gives a great overview and is very relevant as a marketing tool to present on most websites! I am looking forward to hearing about your thoughts on this :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks a lot for the example, Julie!

I have to say that at the moment weโ€™re not actively involved in new apps development, but we do have plans on getting back to it next year, and I hope weโ€™ll be able to consider your idea as well :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for helping us!