Folders for good organization

Hi! if I use a lot of popup for a lot of internet sites, it will be very helpful to retrieve my popups ordered by folders=sites

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Thanks a lot for submitting this idea!

This suggestion does sound good, and we will hope to see it implemented in this widget one day :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your help!

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Hi folks,

Thank you for your comments!

We check all the ideas you leave here and we do try to release new features timely.

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Thank you for understanding!

Ability to either create folders or add a tag to a widget so you can easily view all widgets belonging to a Client

With hundreds of different instances of the same widget it will become total mess if I wanted to find specific group. This would help a lot!

I know this is real basic but it would be awesome if we could organize widgets into their own folders (.ie by client, or by project) to better keep track of which widgets are on which website or projects etc.