Event Calendar - Hiding calendar events from view but not dashboard

Hi Elfies…

I don’t know if this is a feature or possible future feature if it’s not. But is there a way to hide events from view that are not ready to posted yet, but have all the details. I would like to get all the details in so I don’t have to add it later. But if I add it, it will show on the calendar as soon as I save the info.

Any info is appreciated.

Hi Monika!

My apologies for the long wait :frowning:

I see that my colleague Irina has replied to you in your support ticket, and I do believe you’re good now.

I also hope you voted for this feature idea to receive updates: Deactivated event before publishing | Feature Wishlist :slight_smile:

Thanks Helga, I appreciate your assistance. Yes, Irina already responded. I also voted for the feature to add deactivated events. It would be pretty helpful when you have a whole list of them and can’t add them because they are not ready to be posted yet.

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