Elfsight app is showing up in another webpage

I have 2 HTML/javascript pages that I have added to my BigCommerce website. I have also built my first elfsight image page. My problem occurs when I open either of the 2 HTML pages in my website. The elfsight page loads at the beginning of the HTML page. Does anyone know what could cause this?

Hello there!
I’m really sorry that you have to face issues. Could you please send us the link to the page in question? We’ll be happy to check things and provide a solution :slight_smile:


Link to effected page is https://pistolpacknmama.com/bundles/ Another page that is affected is https://pistolpacknmama.com/concealed-carry-purses-with-standard-holsters/

Thanks a lot for the links!

We’ve checked them, however, I’m afraid we’ll need some more info on what exactly is going wrong.

Could you please provide a screenshot on what exactly is working incorrectly for you?

Do I understand it correctly that the Elfsight widget is supposed to be shown only on one page instead of two?

I fixed the problem so you can delete. I had some incorrect settings in my site. Thanks!

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Thank you for the update! I’m happy that everything’s fine for you now :slight_smile: