Conditional Fields

I want to build conditional fields, for instance Knife Model Available Colors, Blade Types, etc. Similar to a car year, make, model, trim, etc.

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Original comment from Dean Lester transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

For the purposes of the Form Builder to be used as a Survey, would like to see Conditional Logic added.

i.e.: If in a survey, I ask a question and the user answers yes, it takes them to a different set of questions than if they answered no. A series of “If this case, then this result” logic.

Hello Rose,

Thank you for adding your request!

I do agree that it would be a great feature, and we’ll try our best to think about it in our future updates.

We also have a similar request, so I’m merging yours with this one for now: Conditional Fields | Feature Wishlist. Please don’t worry, you’ll get notified about all the updates via email.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Helga, Community Manager

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It would be a great Feature to beeing able to show different sections / questions based on the users answer.

For example. You have a form where users can apply for Supporter and Moderator. Based on the option the user chooses, only the options that are relevant to that answer are shown.

I made a small example in Google Forms: