Christmas Advent calendar

Hello, I would like to have an Advent calendar function as an app on my website. I’ve already tried it with the event calendar, but at the same time I can open all other days for December by clicking on a link, so that you can see all future discount campaigns or free items etc.

It would be great if this existed here

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Do I understand correctly that you’d like to display only one event on your website?

If I misunderstood you, could you kindly elaborate on your use case and specify what functionalities are missing in Event Calendar to meet your idea?

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Hi Max,
that is amazing
how quick your response is. :star_struck:

The following requirement for the Advent calendar:
-Similar to the events calendar


  • every edited day should have the function that you can set the beginning (time & day) so that the previous day and the following days cannot be opened via a click link. Unfortunately I don’t have this function with the event calendar.
    I hope I explained it well

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Thank you, I got your idea!

I am afraid, I can’t promise that this app will be definitely released. However, if this request gets more votes, we’ll try to consider it in our future updates :slightly_smiling_face: