Add more business information options

Would be great to drop a completed business profile into a page with a full list of options such as call or text if business has landline texting capabilities (integrate via webhook, Pabbly), N all-in one-social feed, reviews from multiple sources with responses from owner if available, photos & videos section, food &/or service menu, chat widget with texting & social messengers, more like a local listing/citation profile but more robust along with the ability to include local business schema?

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Hey @Greg_Teigen, many thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Your use case sounds really great, but I’m afraid it’s hard to build such a ‘one size fits all’ solution to cover complex use cases :slight_smile:

Your request consists of different elements, so the whole use case can be built by means of several apps: Social Feed, Photo Gallery, Restaurant Menu, All-in-one-chat, and others.

I see that you have a Pack subscription, so you have access to all the widgets in the catalog :slight_smile:
And if some widgets are lacking, feel free to share your request in our Wishlist, we’re always happy to hear your thoughts and ideas!