Ability to create galleries using user post URLs

It would be nice if Wordpress users could create galleries using specific Instagram user post URLs. Your old plugin (on CodeCanyon) use to do this, and it was amazing due to the features and options available. SmashBalloon’s Instagram feed plugin includes oEmbed, which allows us to display any public Instagram post using the URL on a Wordpress website. Many people want to show specific posts from different users (not every post of a user or hashtag). I hope you can bring back this function. I unfortunately will not use or pay for your plugin/widget until it can meet the features I need as described above.

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Thank you for adding your request!

I do understand your reasons and I totally agree that it would be great to add posts by their URLs. Although we don’t support such a feature at the moment, we’ll try our best to consider it for our future updates.

Thanks a lot for helping us!

Helga, Community Manager

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